Young Filipino Photographer Shares To The World The Beauty Of Philippine Wetlands


Choose Philippines | Sep 13, 2017

Gab Mejia doesn't really believe in luck. However, what he does believe in is sheer determination and hard work, and faith that your efforts will eventually be rewarded with something great.

At only 20 years old, Gab has already traveled all over the Philippines, as well as other parts of Asia, Europe, and America, as well. Active ever since his youth, he travels all over, hiking, swimming, and flying his way towards some of the world’s best and most breathtaking destinations. However, he doesn't do the things he does for the sake of the 'gram—he does it because, according to him, "[his] real goal is to the show the world the beautiful mountains—and whatever environment, whatever setting it’s in, [that they're] worth protecting." And he's stayed true to his original goal: snapping pictures of the world's wonderful places, showing people what they might lose if they don't care for and preserve them.

You can see some of his work on his Instagram page below:

His advice for would-be travelers afraid of taking the first step? "It's all in the mind; if you really want it you're going to go for it." Technology and cheap accomodations have made traveling to even the farthest of places a breeze, so find the perfect itinerary on Choose Philippines and get going!

 The plains of Nueva Ecija while on the summit of Mt. Sawi. Photo from Gab Mejia

Despite of his youth, he’s already traveled countries all over the world, and was blessed enough to have received a prestigious Global Wetlands Youth Photo Contest Award from National Geographic this year. Learn more about Gab Mejia and what makes him tick in the first episode of Choose Philippines’ Serbes Series:

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