Tarsier: Come Listen To The Songs Of Your Next Road Trip


Choose Philippines | Sep 11, 2017

The Philippines has been in the international consciousness for some time now. Foreigners and locals have begun to embrace the fact that the Philippines is on the rise, with its people focusing on creating products and experiences that are enjoyable not only for Filipinos, but for all travelers and nationalities as well. For the past few years, this has taken the form of upgraded tourist destinations and services aimed towards getting more visitors to country, and of course, the uniquely Filipino cuisine that has been making rounds in the international culinary scene, being touted as the world’s next favorite.

However, with all our talent as a nation, they aren’t the only things that Filipinos can give to the world; blessed with so much musicality, we can easily share our music for everyone to enjoy, and remain distinctly Filipino. In fact, that’s exactly what new record label Tarsier has made: music made by Filipinos, with the flair and flavor meant for the international stage.

The label is made of both established and up-and-coming artists such as the label's main producer Moophs, and Sam Concepcion, Marion Aunor, Kiana Valenciano, Xela, Edana, Markus, and YUZON. Listen to the sounds of your road trip in Tarsier’s official playlist on Spotify below:

What’s your favorite music to listen to during long trips to Batangas or Zambales? Write about it here on!

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